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12 System Vet Scope Examination

We offer a Vet Scope system that allows you to see, on a 17” monitor, exactly what the doctor sees during a 12 system examination. This system allows us to offer a more thorough examination for your pet, and more precise diagnoses when they don’t feel well.
For the health conscious American the annual checkup has become an important routine practice. Like people, dogs and cats benefit from routine examinations as well. There is one very important difference between the two; pets age much faster than people do.
In general dogs and cats reach adulthood by 2 years of age. At age 4, many pets are considered “middle aged”, and by 7 years of age, most dogs and cats are entering their senior years.

Dogs and cats age or mature at a much faster rate than humans, approximately 7 years to our 1 year. This fact makes the wellness examination extremely important when detecting aging conditions and diseases that may need to be addressed by your veterinarian. There are many conditions such as: cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and dental disease that increase with aging. The annual exam is paramount in the detection and treatment, or ideally, the prevention of problems before they become life-threatening.

The goal of the wellness examination is prevention. When your pet is examined regularly by a Veterinarian, they can help our pets avoid many preventable illnesses. The examination can also include many necessary screening for potential diseases. The screenings performed are based on individual pet assessment. Considerations all include the pets environment, diseases in the community, contact with other pets or wildlife, and other life style conditions.

The wellness examination of your pet also helps the Veterinarian develop a proper prevention program, to include vaccines, heart-worm prevention, flea and tick preventative, parasites and other preventable conditions that vary by taking into consideration the specific pet examined. Only your Veterinarian knows your pet's medical history, current health status, and potential risks that your pet may face.

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