Hospice & Euthanasia

We understand the difficultly and heartbreak of saying goodbye to not only a pet but a family member. We don't want you or your pet to feel alone during the end stages of life and we strive to do absolutely everything we can to keep your pet comfortable. 

Knowing when the time is right can be a difficult choice. If you need to have that tough conversation you are more than welcome to schedule a quality of life exam and consult with one of our doctors. 

 It's hard to think about loosing a pet but also alleviating their pain at the same time. Every single pet owner is inevitably faced with making that tough decision, and we want to be there alongside you to help in any way we can. If you have special requests, please let us know and we will be sure to accommodate them.

If you are needing any help or guidance please give our office a call.